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Fire Alarm System, Fire Fighting Equipment


A fire extinguisher, is an active fire protection device used to extinguish or control small fires, often in emergency situations. A fire extinguisher consists of a hand-held cylindrical pressure vessel containing anagent which can be discharged to extinguish a fire.
Fire Alarm System, Fire Fighting Equipment


Addressable fire alarm systems are comprehensive fire detection systems capable of pinpointing not only a zone within a building where a fire may be occurring, as a conventional fire alarm system would when a fire detector is activated.
Fire Alarm System ,Fire Fighting Equipment


All home security systems work on the same basic principle of securing entry points, like doors and windows, as well as interior space containing valuables like art, computers, guns, and coin collections.

Fire Alarm System ,Fire Fighting Equipment


Fire suppression systems are used to extinguish or prevent the spread of fire in a building. Suppression systems use a combination of dry chemicals and/or wet agents to suppress equipment fires.
Fire Alarm System ,Fire Fighting Equipment


Hydrant system consists of a system of pipe work connected directly to the fire water tank through the fire pump to provide water to each and every hydrant outlet and is intended to provide water for the firemen to fight a fire.
Fire Alarm System ,Fire Fighting Equipment


In industrial workplaces, safety can’t be an afterthought. You need safety products that will keep your employees, your equipment, and your business safe, even in the face of hazards.


Protect your business from fire

The office might not be the first place you think of when it comes to protecting your assets, but as much as you might like to escape the nine-to-five setting sometimes, your business burning down is another story entirely. A fire in your office can cause long-term structural damage, destruction of equipment and materials, setbacks to your business’s success and danger to your employees.

Access control provides higher security

Prestige Alarm can provide access control systems as a valuable addition to any business or high-security area. Access control provides a higher level of security than simply locking a door, and significantly increases protection of your property, personnel, and sensitive data.

PRESNET is our proprietary monitoring network

CCTV is very effective tool to keep watch on the premises all the time. It gives complete surveillance of the area. Typical devices under CCTV are camera, recorder and monitor.

The CCTV can be an analogue system, an IP system or a wireless system. In analogue CCTV the cameras are connected to a DVR which also have buil-in recording system.

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" Paradise " can deliver these fire protection services you need. The knowledge and experience of our fire protection engineers can assess hazard potential and develop a cost effective plan to greatly reduce the risk of fire. Working with our clients, we aim to deelop and implement practical and cost effetive solutions to fire safety and sequrity to fire and security problems.


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